School safeguarding and policies

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of ECJ | PlayPen students is our highest priority. 

It is one of the fundamental principles for all schools in the Cognita group, and all schools have adopted a safeguarding program accountable to British standards. We have a dedicated school psychologist on site who is available to address any concerns.

What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is a set of actions and policies that seek to guarantee the physical and emotional well-being of all those in the school environment. It refers to the commitment of the school community to protect the welfare, physical and mental health and safety of everyone at the school by promoting an environment of open communication to support both students and staff.

Implementing a culture of care is demanding. It guides the decisions and actions taken in the day-to-day management of all Cognita Group schools, as well as the safety of educational environments, caring for our students and their emotional well-being, rigorous employee control, and robust training and procedural policies in the area of child protection. This culture is supported by the governance structure, reporting to the Cognita Council.

Each Cognita school runs a safeguarding committee, which acts independently. The committee conducts rigorous personnel recruitment checks, in addition to regular monitoring and evaluation of the school to ensure the safety of the learning environment.

Be Well, Learn Well

Find out more about Cognita’s Be Well Charter, and its collection of wellbeing resources for parents and schools.


A note from our school psychologist

The socio-emotional experience is a priority at ECJ | PlayPen. As school psychologist I work in a network with the heads of year groups and teachers, assisting students, their families and external professionals using mediation strategies for any issues that arise from the relationship between students in their academic/social groups. I support our school community with knowledge, welcoming them and guiding them forward in an atmosphere of support, care, and security.

Our safeguarding policies, as well as the commitments established with the IB (International Baccalaureate) platform organize our interventions within clear parameters of respect for all those involved. This includes both academic and moral aspects, as well as respect to the diversity within the school environment, and a global perspective of commitment to humanity.

Julio Rubinstein, school psychologist 


ECJ | PlayPen Safeguarding Policies