About Us

Our educational mission at ECJ | PlayPen

At ECJ | PlayPen quality teaching, English immersion, dedicated attention and a commitment to student care ensure our students are on the path to a lifetime of success from their first day at school.

As part of the Cognita group of schools, we are able to offer our students international opportunities including exchanges to the US and UK as well as intra-community events that bring together students from all over the world.

Our mission:

Escola Cidade Jardim | PlayPen aims to develop ethical, caring, and internationally-minded young people, who are socially responsible and help to create a better and more peaceful world. Our curriculum targets a balance between academic excellence and social-emotional development.  

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Our educational mission is upheld by four core pillars, that underpin everything we do at the school: 


Focusing on setting and exceeding goals through a love of learning


Global outlook, unforgettable experiences,  international exchanges


Constant evolution and modern educational practices


Developing intelligent, self-aware individuals who are socially responsible

The school values

We treat our students with care and respect, and we expect them to treat their teachers, staff, and fellow students in the same way. Our school values inform the way everyone at the school behaves, fostering a peaceful environment where learning and personal development take center stage. 

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Promoting wellbeing across the school

Along with all schools in the Cognita group, we are committed to nurturing the wellbeing of all the students in our care. We do this through our robust safeguarding policies as well as promoting wellbeing through our curriculum and school-wide events.

Global Be Well Day

We are committed to nurturing the wellbeing of all the students in our care. As part of this initiative, we take part in the Global Be Well Day  (GBWD) at the end of September each year. This is an annual event when the school suspends the regular curriculum for one day to focus entirely on wellbeing. It is an annual reminder of the priority we place on equipping young people with the confidence and resilience they need to grow, thrive and find their success in a fast-changing world.


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