Leadership at ECJ | PlayPen

We believe that children have the right to stay children for as long as possible.

In a city as big and busy as São Paulo, that can feel like a difficult task, but here at ECJ | PlayPen we prioritize the creation of a safe environment where children can play, explore, and learn without worry. Our commitment is to maintain the highest standards of care for all children, ensuring their well-being and safety. 

The motto of our city, São Paulo, is “Non ducor, duco”, which translates to “I am not led, I lead.” We embody this philosophy in our teaching and learning, by implementing modern teaching methodologies that encourage our students to think critically and act independently, learning to be the leaders of tomorrow. 


A welcome from the principal

Dear Parents,

It is an honor to introduce myself as the head of ECJ | PlayPen. In my journey of more than thirty years in the field of education, I have never been more excited about the future of a school. For more than four decades, ECJ | PlayPen has invested in teaching excellence with a humanist foundation and international and multicultural outlook.

We are pioneers of bilingual education in Brazil. Beyond the mastery of another language, bilingualism provides the basis for unlocking the power of learning. The bilingual student sees communication in a multidisciplinary way and understands that all knowledge has its own language.

We are part of the Cognita schools group and are guided by stringent safeguarding and health & safety policies that allow us to quickly support any social and emotional issues that our students might face. This culture of care permeates all our actions and allows us to have an individualized approach to each student both inside and outside the classroom. Being part of an international group with more than 100 schools on several continents also allows us to offer exciting possibilities for student exchanges.

My personal and professional journey makes me a witness to the transforming power of education as a student, teacher, and manager. In each role, I have experienced an infinite range of learning. 

It will be a pleasure to welcome your family here at our school.

Soraia Dale-Harris, Principal

Meet the leadership team



Michelle Gomes

Head of Early Years 

Viviane Diniz

Head of Elementary School

Mariana Rauchfeld

Head of Middle and High School

Carolina Amiach

Educational Advisor


Admissions Specialist

Luana Batista

Head of Administration

Juliana Sampei

School Librarian