Applying for a place at ECJ | PlayPen

We are very happy with your interest in starting the enrolment process at our school.

Based in Cidade Jardim, São Paulo, Escola Cidade Jardim | PlayPen is a bilingual school offering a complete education from Early Years to High School. Our curriculum combines both Brazilian and international guidelines.

We are part of the Cognita group of schools, a group with over 100 schools in 17 countries around the world, increasing our global connections and culture. 

If you’re considering enrolling your child at Escola Cidade Jardim | PlayPen, we encourage you to get in touch with us to find out more, organize a school tour, and begin the admissions process.

We are currently accepting applications for students across all age groups, depending on availability.

If you already know about Escola Cidade Jardim | PlayPen and you are ready to choose our school as a partner in the education and future development of your children, please proceed to the enrolment stage by filling in the more complete form.

How to apply

As a beacon for diversity, ethical development, and academic excellence, we invite applications from all. However, places are limited. Our admissions process is designed to be open and transparent and follows these steps:

Interested families should register for a group session or contact the school’s admission specialist for a personalized visit. The session will be conducted by the school director and/or department coordinators. Individual visits can be scheduled as an exception, to accommodate families that are unable to attend group sessions and will be conducted by the school’s admissions specialist.

We invite prospective students to participate in a short trial visit in the classroom to know the students and teachers. Students from grade 6 up must satisfactorily complete the school entrance exam.

Parents must complete the admissions form along with all necessary documents. Necessary documents include

  • Student birth certificate and ID.
  • Parent ID and proof of residence.
  • Vaccination records, including Covid-19 vaccination.
  • P.E. medical release form.
  • Prior school transfer letter and academic transcripts (for international students a
    notarized translation is necessary).

We meet with all incoming parents to discuss each child’s needs, including special habits, emotional needs, any medical notes or medication information.

School contracts are renewed on an annual basis. Depending on the student’s starting date, the first payment may include both the matriculation fee and the first month’s fee. If a student is enrolled after the school year has begun, the matriculation and monthly fees will be prorated to reflect this.

Como as vagas são atribuídas

A nossa escola oferece vagas limitadas na seguinte ordem de prioridade:

  • Filhos de professores e funcionários;
  • Irmãos alunos da ECJ | PlayPen em situação financeira compatível com as despesas escolares;
  • Alunos bolsistas provenientes de escolas públicas, que se inscreverem dentro do prazo estipulado;  
  • Candidatos que concluírem o processo de admissão por ordem de chegada

É de responsabilidade de cada família a leitura da políticas da ECJ | PlayPen antes da matrícula. O documento fornece informações detalhadas sobre os procedimentos e o propósito da instituição enquanto escola IB. As famílias devem fornecer informações completas e fidedignas junto ao pedido de matrícula. Qualquer informação incorreta ou incompleta pode atrasar o processo de matrícula do aluno. Além disso, a ECJ | PlayPen normalmente não irá considerar solicitações de candidatos que:

  • Já tenham sido expulsos da ECJ | PlayPen

Tenham deixado a ECJ | PlayPen com débitos significativos


Adapting to school life

After a place has been confirmed ECJ | PlayPen requires an adaptation period to be met. It is important that new students become familiar with the new environment, teachers, and new friends while having the support of their caregivers.

Each segment coordinator will align an adaptation strategy considering the needs
of each individual family. Following is a generally guideline of ECJ | PlayPen practices:

Early years

Students must be accompanied by a caregiver and will be introduced to school gradually, incrementing time spent in the classroom in accordance with their comfort level. 


The adaptation process generally takes one week to complete.

Early years:

The adaptation process generally takes 2-4 days to complete.

Primary Years

Students will be introduced to school gradually. Caregivers should be available by phone and no extra-curricular activities should be introduced for the first week.

Middle and High School:

Students will be monitored and caregivers will be notified by phone of their progress if needed.


Escola Cidade Jardim | PlayPen aims to maintain a safe environment for students and takes appropriate steps to protect all members of our community. The culture of safeguarding permeates our daily actions and our employees take part in yearly training. We have a vigorous Safeguarding policy that includes a social media background check of interested families.

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