Bold and innovative, that’s PlayPen | Ecj.

We are a bilingual Brazilian school, with a national calendar, curricula in both Portuguese and English and academic results verified by external assessments in both countries (Brazil and United Kingdom)!

Quality teaching, individualized service and student care, and international options turn PlayPen | Ecj into the best bilingual education path for students from the age of 15 months up to the entrance to university.

Choose PlayPen. Choose the World. 

PlayPen opens its doors and thus, becoming the first bilingual Early Years Education School in Brazil.

Gradual implementation of Elementary School.

Inauguration of the current school building.

Entry into the Cognita family, one of the largest educational groups in the world, based in the United Kingdom.

Implementation of the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) in Elementary School.

Implementation of the IEYC (International Early Years Curriculum) and the IMYC (International Middle Years Curriculum), for Early Years and Middle School. 

Inauguration of High School, with emphasis on either the Brazilian or international curriculum, according to the student’s choice.