Assessment for learning

Assessment is an integral component of the learning process. We belive students must be active participants in this process. PlayPen | Ecj employs standardized, external evaluations to assure progress and to inform planning. The Brazilian curriculum is assessed through Evolucional. A plataform that offers assessments based on the expectations of the BNCC (Base Nacional Comum Curricular) and leads to full mock ENEM exams, including the REDAÇÃO for Ensino Médio students. Diagnostic evaluations take place at the start of the year and summative evaluations towards the end of the school year. All students take part in this process from the 3rd Grade through to High School.

To assess learning in English, we apply the CEM (Center for Evaluation and Monitoring at the University of Durham). These evaluations measure “added value”, how much the school adds to the development of each student, year by year, not just a final summative attainment level. Our students, from 2nd Grade to High School, are measured in their ability to read and write in English based on literacy expectations in the UK for monolingual, native English speakers. And based on British national expectations for mathematics, again in english for native speakers in the British educational system.

The data informs us that our students reach expected reading and maths age in the UK, in English, by the time they are 10 years old.