Pioneer in bilingual education


PlayPen’s title of bilingual pioneer began with an initiative by Guida Machado, the school’s founder. After extensive research into the topic of bilingual education, Guida dedicated years to studying the segment and analyzing the most appropriate way to implement the method in Brazil. Then, in 1981, she was able to introduce the concept of bilingual education in the country, which resulted in a true educational revolution in Brazil.

English from a linguistic and academic perspective

PlayPen is truly a bilingual school. It follows the Brazilian curriculum, with a large part of it taught in English. This ensures that the students learn English not just from a linguistic point of view, but also academically, allowing  them to be fully prepared to meet national and international standards for continued education.

Founder of the Bilingual Institute for Advancement (BIA)

Since its founding, PlayPen has been responsible for the preparation and development of bilingual teaching professionals. We are a training  center for educators throughout Brazil, providing workshops, lectures and conferences on the topic of bilingualism. BIA is recognized worldwide and counts on the participation of renowned speakers such as Ofelia García, Jim Cummings, Ives de la Taille, Ellen Bialystok, Josep Luis Gonzáléz, and Jussara Hoffman, among others.

With Cognita group, PlayPen takes the next step

In 2012, PlayPen became part of Cognita Schools Group, an educational group based in the United Kingdom and with more than 60 schools worldwide. In addition to pedagogical, techological and infrastructure investments, being part of Cognita Schools Group enables participation in numerous bilateral exchange programs, in which students and faculty enjoy the advantages of being part of a permanent culture of exchange among different schools all over the globe.