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With almost 40 years of experience, PlayPen Bilingual Education, a pioneer in bilingual education in Brazil, offers pupils a broad and integrated curriculum aimed at achieving the highest standards of competence in education. Through the Pedagogical Policy Plan, our school creates an environment that is conducive to developing individuals that are independent, willing to participate and critical thinkers. Valuable characteristics for entering into the world of social relationships, culture and work. At an early stage, we provide an education that teaches students how to think, develops creativity, encourages the imagination, values initiative and places emphasis on the ability to make decisions. 



The bilingual brain

There is neurological research that shows that bilingualism has a positive impact on the brain, which goes beyond language acquisition. The evidence shows that bilingual people, because of the changes in their brain, have better planning and organization skills, are more flexible, perform multiple tasks more efficiently, are better learners and have better management of social behavior.

- Bob Findlay


Bilingual Education | IPC

PlayPen has already implemented the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) and its equivalents -  IEYC (International Early Years Curriculum) and IMYC (International Middle Years Curriculum) – in PreschoolMiddle School and Elementary School.

This British program is present in more than 1.800 schools, in more than 90 countries. It gives PlayPen an international recognition and allows the school’s curriculum to integrate three major areas of development: pedagogy, multiculturalism and ethical, social and moral development.

All of this is introduced in the classroom through work units that help children develop in a way that is wholly appropriate for their age.



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