A curriculum of excellence by Brazilian and British standards.

PlayPen | Ecj is a Brazilian bilingual school. We deliver the Brazilian national curriculum (BNCC) in its entirety in Portuguese and our international curriculum in English. The national and international curriculum are integrated in such a way that the same concept may be addressed in both languages, with different approaches, emphasis, and learning outcomes for each language. Collaborative planning between the Portuguese and English teams leads to profoundly dynamic and multicultual learning.

Our curriculum skilfully blends both critical content with a more conceptual, project-based approach to learning. This contributes to the development of a common core uniting all programmes and we call our personal goals: resilience, respect, cooperation, communication, adaptability, morality, enquiry & thoughtfulness.

PlayPen | Ecj believes in assessment for learning. We evaluate our students based on British national expectations (for content in English and Mathematics) as well as by Brazilian standards (for content in Portuguese), through renowned Brazilian (Evolucional) and Britsh (CEM) evaluations applied annually.

International Curriculum

PlayPen | Ecj adopts the international curriculum of Fieldwork Education in Early Years.

The curricula approach the content in English in a creative and interdisciplinary way,
through themes. They prioritize teamwork and encourage 21 st century behaviors such
resilience, flexibility and other social-emotional skills through continuous practice.

IEYC (International Early Years Curriculum), in Early Years

IMYC (International Middle Years Curriculum) in Middle School

As Tracking (Affective Social Tracking)

Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring

PSAT (Preliminary SAT) or NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test).

IPC (International Primary Curriculum) in Elementary

ACT (American College Testing)

Cambridge English Language Assessment

Great Britain’s Artificial Intelligence Platform

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

The system class progression is in Portuguese and English.

Immersion. This is how classes at PlayPen | ECJ are conducted in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Lessons entirely in English for students to acquire fluency in the language.

The ratio between content in English and Portuguese changes over the years and according to the characteristics of each age group.