Sophistication and functionality to enhance learning

PlayPen | Ecj has always been a cutting-edge school and this is also true of its architecture. The project, designed by renowned architects Isay Weinfeld and Márcio Kogan, offers a series of smart and functional solutions designed specifically so the environment may serve as a catalyzing element in the process of teaching and learning. This kind of thinking is also present in the tools that the school utilizes in its dynamics.

A structure designed for knowledge to flow

The large Preschool rooms have sliding glass doors that integrate the indoor and outdoor spaces, forming a comfortable environment, with a great feelings of openness, and leveraging natural light. The patio, which has no supporting columns thanks to a free-span design, makes the space safe and perfect for children to play and run about unencumbered. With careful attention to accessibility, PlayPen | Ecj provides a series of softly angled ramps that interconnect all floors and classroom access, which offers greater safety for children, who do not need to use the stairs.

In addition to the avant-garde architecture of the school, PlayPen | Ecj was also a pioneer in offering educational differentials, and was one of the first schools to have Apple computers, a Wi-Fi network or, more recently, German First Bike bicycles. These bikes do not have pedals training wheels, and teach children to ride through the natural force of balance.