High School

PlayPen | Ecj inaugurated it’s High School in 2020. Our students may now enjoy the full journey from Early Years to university entrance. The new High School is fully compliant and built upon the guidelines of the National Common Curricular Base (BNCC) and the ideas encompassed in the “NEW HIGH SCHOOL PAULISTA”. The structure focuses on the essential knowledge of each stage of basic education, the complement the ‘base’ and that complete the curriculum as a whole. The following are some examples of lessons within our current timetable of the Formative Itineraries – British & American Literature, English for Academic Purposes, Arts & Culture, Geopolítica e Relações Internacionais, University Preparation and Personal, Socia, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) and Introdução ao Pensamento Científico.

We carefully guide and prepare our students, based on their individual needs, as they move through the three years of High School. They are meticulously prepared as global students for university study here in Brazil or abroad.