From national to international

PlayPen | Ecj students experience the full Brazilian curriculum and in addition a globally recognised English curriculum, enabling our students to study nationally and internationally at university level. Students are not expected to choose, they will be prepared for both, honing in on their individual path as it becomes clearer with time. As an integral part of the group Cognita we encourage our students to connect, visit and actively take part in our global community.

Nurturing environment

Individual care and attention to our students, so that each learning journey is closely monitored and conducted, in addition to a strong
partnership with families.

A culture of care

We have a solid commitment and keen eye for the physical and
emotional well-being of our students and of the school community.

Openness to the world

Lectures, exchange program possibilities to schools within the
group, among other international opportunities, only possible in large institutions.

PlayPen | Ecj:

  • A warm, safe and welcoming school, with customized teaching and learning;
  • Development of Personal Goals – strong character and integrity;
  • A network with more than 80 Cognita group schools in twelve countries, benefiting from exchanges of good practice and international visits;
  • An innovative Brazilian bilingual school with more than 40 years of experience;
  • Fully integrated, multicultural Brazilian and international curricula;
  • Formal assessments by British standards for English content, and by Brazilian standards for Portuguese content;
  • Excellent academic results in Portuguese and English.
  • Investigative teaching & learning through interdisciplinary projects often with a maker approach;
  • Strict Safeguarding (child care and protection) policies based on britsh standard guaranteed through yearly international audits.