Welcome to our school where we will prepare your children for a global community.

Welcome to PlayPen | Ecj – the first bilingual school in Brazil, inaugurated more than 40 years ago. With a long tradition of innovation and creativity, we provide an education of unrivalled quality while being attentive to the dynamics of an ever-changing society.

Our integrated curriculum is carefully designed to nurture academic excellence in both English and Portuguese. External national and international standardised evaluations confirm this year on year.

We approach our learning from an investigative and creative perspective, encouraging reflection, active participation and critical analysis.

Our focus on childcare and protection, assures a safe and secure environment empowering children to face challenges without fear of failure, take measured risks, and flourish.

Building character is embedded in the curriculum and is underpinned by our values and desire to make our children happy, confident, and successful. With a careful focus on multiculturism and diversity, our students are prepared to take an active role in a global community with their rights and responsibilities in place.

We appreciate your trust
and we reinforce that our doors are always open to the community.

Sean Quinn


English and postgraduate from Middlesex University – London, UK, Mr. Quinn has twenty years of classroom experience and participation in UK leadership roles, coordinating and consulting on IB-MYP and directing Middle and High School in international schools in São Paulo and the Principal of PlayPen | Ecj.