Acquiring healthy eating habits is part of the student’s learning process

At PlayPen | Ecj, children are encouraged to experiment with new flavours daily

For this purpose, the school has a large cafeteria, industrial kitchen and its own nutritionist.

A snack and lunch is provided for all students, from Preschool 5 to High School. Children from Toddlers 2 to Preschool 4 enrolled in full or extended time are also provided with this service.

Due to the pandemic situation, we have faced since the beginning of 2020, some changes needed to be made with regard to the provision of lunch meals and snacks for students, in view of the sanitary rules. During this adaptation, PS5 and 1st Grade parents were able to choose the students’ menu, which was sent weekly to families and followed parameters of a balanced and healthy diet.

Download the menus for the month of June:

Early Years – Toddlers

Early Years – Preschool

Elementary and Middle School

Extended snack